What is Green Pest Control?

What is green pest control?  Well after a long week of “Green Washing” many people are on a green rampage.  The green growth reaches as far as the pest control companies.  Excited and ready to move forward these greenies in the green pest control field get all set up for the Green Pest Management Conference in Dallas TX.  And of course, what’s the first question out of the their mouths, “How do I go Green?”.  But wait, shouldn’t we define what green is?  Apparently not.  There is no regulations on “Green” and there is no way to define it. So you can call it what you want.  “You have to decide what’s green to you.” commented one speaker.

So its similar to “Purified Water”.  You can take water from your tap and stick a “Purified Water” label on it and sell it as “purified water.”  There is no regulation on how pure purified water has to be. None.

If your a pest control company then you could be thinking… “So I can take what I am doing now and call it green?”

Yes.  You can call your pest control Green.  Call it whatever color you want since its not regulated. You can call it pink, orange, white, or black. Pest Control can be any shade.  In fact, it doesn’t seem like the “green leaders” are doing much more then Bulwark already does. So you can call Bulwark green.  Or greener then green.  But if it doesn’t mean anything then why?

Why don’t we just forget the whole semantics and go with what’s real.  Improvement.  Whatever shade of green you paint Bulwark doesn’t matter to us.  What matters is that we are getting greener. What matters even more to Bulwark is that the customer is getting more of what they want.  They can call it green.  They can call it clean.  They can call it “worry free pest control”.  We just want them to sleep sound knowing that Bulwark is taking care of it and that we have their best interests in mind.

And how do we continue to improve?  Well we attended the Green Pest Management Conference didn’t we?  We were one of the first to use EcoSmart products were we not?  Improvement is the Bulwark way.

So you define green pest control, What’s Green Pest Control to YOU?- Is it Natural Pest Products?  Is it organic pest control products? paperless?  efficiency? lower risk products? low impact?

We care about serving you our customer.  Tell us what you want and we will deliver.


  • By tulsa pest control, April 24, 2009 @ 11:17 am

    More than pests, the big worry for me is how safe is my family aftermath the use of pest control products. There was one Tulsa pest control service I know of using eco friendly products.

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