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Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 New Customer-and first time visit by Raul – deaconroy – Jul 8, 2009

Extremely pleased. A 5 star rating for sure. We due for service this evening but Raul called earlier to say that he would be free to come earlier, if that would be convenient. He said he would be here around noon. Well to our delight he was here by 11:15. What a professional impression Raul made on us. He looked sharp with his starched long sleeve while shirt and crease pressed pants. I showed him out trouble spot inside the house and with that he decided to start inside. So I gave him free run of the house and he was off covering the entire inside and outside of the house. When finished he explained in detail what he had done all of the follow-up services, if needed. We went outside and he showed me the area where he put down ant bait. My wife was really pleased when he told her that he did cover for roaches which hare one of her life long fears. I gave him the check and off her went to the next customer where I am sure he did an equally professional job. We are pleased and totally impressed with our first visit. Keep sending Raul besides being professional he has a pleasing approach and personality. I think he deserves a Friday off with pay. What do you think Boss?

Thanks for the great review.  Raul is a great tech and we are glad to have him.  About that Friday off with pay…. Not this Friday but he can use some his earned paid time off any Friday that he wants!  We compensate our employees based on their performance and reward them according to the time they have with Bulwark and the time they put in.  Paid time off is just one of the benefits that Raul can earn.  Don’t worry, we take care of the guys that take care of you!

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