5 Star Review from Lisa from San Antonio

Lisa wrote: “To whom it may concern; I was terrified and stressed out about bites I was receiving on my body…it turned out to be bed bugs. George Bryant was the service manager that got my hysterical call and he was above and beyond helpful. He went out of his way on more than one occasion to help me, speak to me on the phone and calm me down with reassurance that this problem would be solved. George went online and looked up information and brought it to me to read. He made a special trip to San Antonio to examine the situation and exterminate himself. He was very kind and friendly to both myself and my children. I would have gone crazy with fear and anxiety had it not been for his help…he also took calls from me repeatedly and listened to my panic and continued to tell me the facts and reassure me. George is an asset to your company and deserves a raise. The technician that came out to my home was Fidel. He too, was an exceptional person who really really put much effort into this problem. He was very helpful and thorough. He reassured me and gave me information. He went out of his way to help me. On every occasion, I left either Fidel or George there alone to lock up after they were done with complete confidence that all was well as this is the trust I have in Bulwark. Thanks for great service.”

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