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Scorpion problem fixed by Bulwark Exterminating

Scorpion problem fixed by Bulwark Exterminating, another satisfied customer.

I started using Bulwark last year because we were having problems in our new house with Scorpions. You know when your wife is taking a shower and one is crawling up the wall next to the shower its time to do something about it…LOL…. Just out of the yellow pages I found Bulwark , couple days later Ed came out and from day one he has been honest and very trustworthy and would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality pest control guy.?

harrington35 - Jun 10, 2009

We’d like to thank harrington35 for leaving Bulwark Exterminating a customer review and Ed for doing a great job!

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New Pest control San Antonio Video! Call Bulwark Pest Control Today!

New Pest Control San Antonio video! Call Bulwark Pest Control today!

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