Discovery of Endangered Spider In San Antonio Brings $15 Million Highway Project to A Halt

San Antonio Construction Delays

Commuters in San Antonio, TX are less then trilled about the discovery of an endangered spider in the middle of a $15 Million highway construction project, which has halted construction plans until further notice. While biologists are celebrating the rare discovery, local residents are fuming over the inconvenience and lack of progress on the busy road.

Construction workers have been told to stop working as the Federal Government tries to figure out what further steps need to be taken to protect the endangered spider. Josh Donat, San Antonio District spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation, said “it is too early to tell which options are viable.”

With the underpass construction project on hold, the 80,000 motorists that usually pass through the intersection everyday will experience more delays in their already nightmarish commute. With all the attention on the special species of spider, San Antonio residents are fuming that the needs of the community are being overlooked.

The Discovery Of An Endangered Spider

The Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver spider was found in the heart of an underpass project, which began in April 2012, on Texas 151 at Loop 1604 in Northwestern San Antonio. It is only the second time the species has been spotted in more than 30 years. The spider was discovered after rain exposed a 6-feet-deep natural hole on the highway median. Local biologists found 19 other cave features, and believe that they all may be the spider’s habitat.

The Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver Spider

The Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver Spider is a rare species of spider found primarily in the state of Texas. The spider is about the size of a dime, and doesn’t have eyes. The spider was first discovered in 1980 by Goerge Veni, about five miles away from the newest discovery and construction site. The Meshweaver is named for a type of intricate mesh web the spider spins. They spend their entire lives in subterranean habitats, like caves. The Meshweaver was placed on the federal endangered species list in 2000, along with eight other spiders found only in the Texas County. Habitat degradation via pollution, alterations in water flow and direct human interference are the reasons scientists believe the spider is so rare.

Spider Control

While the Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver Spider is very rare, there are many other spiders that can infest your San Antonio home. If you are seeing spiders in or around your property, contact a local exterminator today!

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