Bulwark Exterminating-San Antonio Receives Honor

Angie’s List Super Service Award Given to Bulwark’s San Antonio Branch

This just in from Angie’s List:

Bulwark Pest Control’s San Antonio, TX branch has been awarded the Super Service Award 2012. This prestigious award is given every year to the top five percent of companies that demonstrate superior customer service; based on the customer reviews that are received on Angie’s List.

Angie’s List is a customer review site that allows the consumer to give feedback on the products and services they receive from companies in several different industries; including pest control and exterminating. Essentially, the Angie’s List Super Service Award is voted on by consumers, with their positive feedback on a particular company; in this case Bulwark Exterminating.

Bulwark Exterminating is honored to receive this prestigious award, as it recognizes continual efforts toward outstanding customer service.

Customer Reviews From Bulwark Pest Control San Antonio

Here are just a couple of the many excellent customer reviews Bulwark Exterminating receives:

I know that Bulwark Pest Control will be here every two months so that I don’t have any bugs. If for some reason I happen to get bugs inside the house all I do is call them and at no extra charge they’ll come. They are very professional and are in uniforms.

Overall Grade: A

- MaryAnn U.
San Antonio, TX

I have been with them for five years. I have not seen any bugs since they began our service. If you do see a bug, they will come back and take care of if, free of charge. The overall experience is excellent. I would use this provider again.

Overall Grade: A

- John S.
San Antonio, TX

We use Bulwark Pest Control every month. We have been using them for a year but when we lived here before we have used them as well for about a year or so. They are excellent. They are the best pest company we have ever had. My parents used them and they suggested them so we tried them. They are definitely the best pest control company we have ever used. They don’t charge you anything extra if you have a problem or if you need them to come out in between visits. We will continue to use them in the future.

Overall Grade: A

- Ginger R.
San Antonio, TX

They are a good company. I like the fact that they have been flexible. I am really not comfortable with leaving my gates open, I lock my gates because I have animals and I don’t leave my animals out. I don’t want them to run to the neighborhood so I just began to lock my gates all the time so they have been flexible when I have needed them to be here. They worked with me and I appreciated that. They charge around $40 to $45 per service. We have scorpions here and it is an ongoing problem; we are in an area where they are still developing and so every time companies come out and start digging and doing all the stuff but scorpions move and that becomes an issue. I guess I am expecting the absolute top of the line service every time because that is such a problem. Sometimes they do a good job, but sometimes I wish it had been a little bit more because that is such an alarming issue. When you have scorpions, falling out of your vets in your house it tends to make you really uneasy. It would definitely scare you and that makes you very hyperactive reactive to the need for treatments and stuff like that. Sometimes trying to set a service when I am available is a challenge. From what I am aware of with other companies, you don’t really have someone coming out to do services like that so that is a reasonable price. The quality of work is good. I certainly think that they are a company worth trying. They give me a window of when they are going to be there. They don’t say, “We will be there at two, they say, “We will be there between 12 and 6” or something like that. If they say they are going to be in that time frame, they are there.

Overall Grade: A

- David L.
San Antonio, TX

Please feel free to log in to Angie’s List and read all of Bulwark Pest Control reviews for their San Antonio location:


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Bulwark Exterminating
118 Broadway Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 224-2706
Critter Control
1075 Grassland Drive
Bulverde, TX 78163
(830) 438-6108
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(210) 656-5050

Top 3: Ways to Keep Bugs Away In Winter

During the cold months many bugs try to worm their way indoors to stay warm. Rather than spend the entire season living with unwanted intruders, you can keep those bugs at bay with a few simple tricks. These tips won’t take much time to enact, and they can do wonders to keeping your home bug free.

1. Don’t Leave Food Out

Bugs often come into your living space following the lure of food. Leaving food on the table, kitchen counter, and on the floor can be an open invitation to bugs. If you must keep food on the counter for easy access or to let it ripen, keep it in a sealed cloth or plastic bag. Also, make sure to keep the garbage cleaned regularly as bugs like to crawl in after leftover food particles.

On a side note, many bugs go crawling at night to get a drink of water. Whenever you come across a house spider in the bathroom at three in the morning, know that it’s just trying to sneak a drink from your water faucet.

2. Lay Down Diatomaceous Earth

As an option other than pest control, which will spray inside the house with insecticide, you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth along the wall and corners of the interior. You can also sprinkle this along window sills and in entryways. Diatomaceous earth is made up of microscopic fossils of ancient single celled and algae organisms. This earth is extremely sharp and will cut up any insects that crawl over it. However, it is so fine that it won’t cut a person. Be careful of inhaling this product by accident, as it can cause breathing difficulties. It’s safe to sprinkle on the ground in areas where you don’t tread very often. If you have a dog that likes to sniff around inside the house, you may also want to avoid using diatomaceous earth.

3. Use Essential Oils

Plants in nature create essential oils to help protect themselves from insects. We can use the same oils to keep them out of our homes. Create sachets soaked with these essential oils and place them in your closets, clothing drawers, or even cupboards in the kitchen. Some of these oils also smell quite nice, such as lavender and eucalyptus, which are both good for repelling insects. Clove oil can also help repel bugs for months at a time. Another good oil to consider is citronella, which is commonly used in candles to help repel mosquitoes when eating outdoors.

These tricks are easy ways to keep bugs from invading during the cold season. You can set up the diatomaceous earth and the essential oils within a few minutes and then forget about them for the rest of the season. It’s also easy enough to keep food from sitting out in the open to keep from drawing insects into your living space.

Image credit:Some rights reserved by Pig Monkey


3 Things You Want To Know Before Buying a Home in Texas

texas our texas

texas our texas (Photo credit: jmtimages)

For better or for worse, there remains a ton of useful and even critical information that goes unnoticed in the overwhelming pursuit of buying a home.  The information below serves to inform, warn, and encourage those looking into this option.      Whether you are more or less likely to purchase a home due to examining the material below, the hope is that you can make an informed decision.

Real Estate is Nearly the Foremost Industry in Texas

For those unfamiliar with the significance of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), it is the market value of all officially recognized goods and services produced within a certain geographic region within a particular period of time.  To give you an idea of the presence that the real estate industry has in Texas, it accounts for nearly 7.8 – 12 percent of the GDP of the entire state of Texas.  By way of comparison there are only two other industries in the state that can top that.   Of course this data was provided by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, so I don’t know how trustworthy it is (wink).  The fact that half a million dollars of revenue is generated in other venues of Texas’ economy for every 1 million generated in its real estate is certainly revealing.   To a would-be investor, this is certainly welcomed news, underscoring the healthy nature of a decision to make a move in this direction.

Property Tax is Very High

It is not uncommon for a state to have an income tax, which typically supplies public entities such as police, schools, etc.   With Texas this is not the case.  So where are the multitudes of funds generated to maintain the various public services Texans have come to enjoy?  You guessed it… home owners.   Of course this is by no means THE source of revenue; however it is the largest source fueling public services.  Here is how it works:  You have your local taxing bodies that determine how much money they need in order to continue to make their services available.  As mentioned above these are organizations such as police, public schools, etc.  Next you have the appraisal district, which asses the value of your property.   Once the value of the home is determined then the taxable value is multiplied by the tax rate in order to determine the amount.  Should any disputes arise between the tax payer and the appraisal district, there is an Appraisal Review Board in place to handle any disputes.

There are Many Assistance Programs Available

A simple visit to a Texas home programs site could easily revel nearly a hundred different programs that are in place to make the purchase of a home a reality for many who otherwise assume they have no business even thinking about it.  There are down payment assistance, first time buyer programs, mortgage advocacy, and down payment and closing cost assistance to name a few.   Often times these programs can often be specific to a particular city e.g. Dallas, Waco, etc.  so you actually have the help of the city who certainly want to make it as welcoming as possible to become a member of the community.  Often times it is in the best interest of the cities and or counties to make these programs available, so one should never feel like they are trying to win the lottery.   There are countless numbers of homes filled with families that never imagined they would be able to own their own home.

Daniel functions as a content developer in the U.S., helping businesses grow and communities to be informed.

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