Happy Halloween From Your Friends At Bulwark Exterminating

Halloween is upon us. Soon enough we’ll have waves of ghosts, goblins and princess fairies crawling our streets. Your friends at Bulwark would like to remind you to have a very safe and happy Halloween. Be safe. Have fun. Eat lots of candy.

Take a moment to enjoy our new Halloween video. We certainly hope this won’t be happening at your house.

Bulwark Exterminating – How Do Roaches Get In My Home?

Pest Control Service is Like…

Health Insurance. Pest Control is an investment made to improve living conditions like getting rid of cockroaches can decrease problems with asthma and other diseases, getting rid of scorpions and spiders may also decrease the chance of getting stung or bitten. Pest control is like health insurance, it’s an investment to your health.

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Homes in Cedar City

Homes in Cedar City are no exception to the pest control rule. The pest control rule is this: No matter what the realtors tell you, you NEED pest control in order to live a pest free life. Cedar City is not exempt from this rule, and therefore pest control is a must for any serious home owner looking for a happy pest-free life.

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Pest Control Late Payments

A late payment can sometimes be an issue when servicing pest control. If there is lack of payment from a customer we issue a break in service. Customers often call in reporting that our service isn’t working, but when we go through the records we come to realize the customer failed to make a payment, therefore resulted in a break in service. The pest control barrier or “Bulwark” will only last for so long before the shield wears off. That’s why it is crucial to not have any latelate payments

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Anascorp – Personal Anti-Venom Story

San Antonio Residential Pest Control

San Antonio Residential Pest Control

San Antonio Residential Pest Control

Bulwark Exterminating: Pest Control: Scorpions

After encounters with scorpions in their home, a family relays their fears about keeping their baby safe to Bulwark Exterminating. Fearful of their baby being stung, they turn to Bulwark Exterminating to provide the pest control services that their family needs.

Another Happy Customer about Pest Control over Facebook

Jon Meckes

Thank you Andrew for responding within 20 minutes of the initial call. He was actually scheduled for tomorrow, but took this call today instead.

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Does Bug Repellent Work on Bedbugs?

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