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Staying Safe from the Bite of the Bed Bug

The mention of bed bugs brings fear and itching to many. Bed bugs are seed-sized, flat insects that like to harbor in mattresses, sheets, clothes and bed frames. They need to feed on blood to reproduce and survive; however, bed bugs can live up to a year without a meal. They hide during the daytime and feast on their victims at night. Their bite can create an itchy, and sometimes, highly allergic reaction in people. Once a home has an infestation, it can be very difficult to remedy the situation. A professional exterminator is usually needed. Recently, the spread of the bugs has been very high, so it is important to protect your home from an infestation. Simple fixes, such as decluttering and buying a memory foam mattress, can help reduce the risk of a bed bug problem.

In order to be infested with bed bugs, the environment must be directly exposed. Bed bugs tend to nest where there are high traffic levels, such as in hotels, apartments and dorms. They catch a ride to their next home by latching onto suitcases or clothing. Once in a location, the insects breed and hide in hard to see spots. Some of their favorite hiding places are in mattress seams, pillowcases and bed frame crevices. Bed bugs like to crawl inside of mattresses, but a memory foam mattress does not make a welcome home for them.

Since bed bugs are often brought home after a vacation, it is important to know how to check for the critters. When checking into a hotel room, examine the bed for evidence of bed bug feces. Look in mattress seams and at the folds of the linens. If bugs are in the room, it is best to keep your luggage away from them. Place all luggage and purses on a desk or nightstand that is far from the bed. Bed bugs do not fly or jump. A hotel that features a bed with a latex or memory foam mattress is less likely to be infested.

When decorating a bedroom at home, there are many ways to make it bed bug unfriendly. Bed bugs like to nest in the hollow spaces of a spring mattress. A latex or memory foam mattress has a solid core, with is very uninviting for the insects. It is also wise to encase the mattress with a bug-proof cover. The box springs are also vulnerable, so keeping them covered is also important. Metal bed frames offer fewer hiding places for the bugs. Be sure to keep clutter to a minimum. These few steps will make your home less susceptible to bed bugs.

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