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How to Get Rid of Human Pests

Fed Up Woman

Ever have that annoying relative or intrusive friend who somehow found their way into your home, and just won’t go away? Perhaps you were being nice in allowing them to stay for a bit until they got back on their feet, or maybe they invited themselves over and never left. Maybe your spouse invited them to stay temporarily, and that temporary arrangement ended up being permanent. Sometimes humans can be just as big a nuisance as insect pests, though unfortunately there is no exterminator to call to rid your home of pesky houseguests who have overstayed their welcome. You can, however, employ methods to make your unwanted visitor think that leaving of their own accord is a fine idea.

Make Their Life as Uncomfortable as Possible

Just because someone decided they’re now living with you doesn’t mean you have to cater to them. If they expect you to cook and clean up after them, stop doing those things. Make them buy their own food and cook their own meals. There are no laws stating you have to be nice to unwanted roommates, either – so cut out the nice act and make them feel uncomfortable. Make them ask for everything – never let them think they have free access to anything in your home. Let them know that you’re being put out by having them there. After all, they have no problem making you feel uncomfortable in your own home, so why should you act any different?

Stop Feeding Them

If your unwanted houseguest expects you to provide meals for them, stop. Simply stop cooking for them, or stop inviting them to join you and your family while you eat. Make them buy their own food and prepare it separately. After all, you are not obligated to feed someone just because they decided they now live in your home. Put your foot down and stop catering to them. They’ll start to get the hint – or at least they’ll get the hint that you are not their own personal chef.

Change the Locks on Your Door

If the person in question is not on your lease or mortgage and was never invited to live permanently with you, don’t be afraid to change the locks on your door. Of course, this only applies if you’ve given them a key. Rental laws in some states can be shady, so read up on those beforehand to make sure you’re not breaking any – if the person has been staying in your home for a certain amount of time or has received mail at your address, they could be considered a resident, whether they’ve paid rent or not. However, if you aren’t breaking any laws by doing so, by all means, change the locks on any outside doors and refuse to give the freeloader a key – if nothing else, they’ll be forced to knock before being allowed to enter into your home.

Stop Cleaning Up After Them

If you’ve been cleaning up after a freeloader – doing their dishes, their laundry, picking up their messes – stop. Just stop. This can be difficult, especially if they are a messy person and you are a neat freak, but the longer you continue to clean up after them, the longer you enable them. Force the moocher to be responsible for their own actions.

It can be hard to run off an unwanted roommate, but it’s not impossible. If you ever find yourself in the position where a friend or family member moves in temporarily and ends up overstaying their welcome, you can use these tricks to enact a little human “ pest control” to make them want to leave!

Live Brown Snake Found In Toilet

Toilet Snake

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Most of us don’t see a brown snake in the toilet until after we’ve done our business; so imagine the horror of looking down and seeing a live brown snake wrapped around the toilet bowl, before you’ve done your big job!

That’s exactly what happened to Bruce Ahlswede in a San Antonio Starbucks last week, proving once and for all that toilet snakes do exist!

Toilet Snakes In Starbucks: Would You Like Snakes With Your Coffee?

Toilet snakes in Starbucks isn’t the next B-list Hollywood movie; a follow up to the 2006 hit Snakes On A Plane, but was one’ mans experience at a San Antonio Starbucks.

After a business presentation, Bruce Ahlswede decided to stop in to a San Antonio Starbucks for a latte and a bathroom break. Upon entering the Starbucks bathroom he was utterly shocked when he saw a brown snake curled up around and inside the toilet bowl.

At first the snake appeared to be a fake. A plastic snake used to pull off a prank. Then, the snake slithered, proving that it was indeed real! Upon finding the live brown snake, Ahlswede bolted out of the bathroom and alerted the nearest Starbucks’ employee.

A crowed gathered around the toilet to see what all the commotion was about. The snake must have been shy; slithering around the toilet bowl and eventually disappearing. The above photo was taken by Mrs. Ahlswede, before the snake disappeared, and posted on Facebook so that we all may be aware of the possibilities of brown snakes in the toilet.

What Type Of Live Brown Snake Is Found In A Toilet?

Experts agree that it’s very uncommon to find live brown snakes in your toilet. In the rare chance of finding a live toilet snake; it may give you the runs… you’d run out the door! The live toilet snake that was found in a San Antonio Starbucks’ bathroom appears to be a brown rat snake. These snakes are not poisonous, but can bite if they feel threatened.

It is proposed that the brown rat snake slithered up into the toilet through the pipes; but many experts also suspect that this snake could’ve been somebody’s pet that was abandoned in the coffee shop. If so, what a sick joke!

Next time you use a public toilet, better check for a toilet snake. Better safe than sorry!

Author Bio:

Thomas Bulwark is a lively blogger for Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control. After reporting this toilet snake story, I’ll be double checking every public toilet I use from here on out!

The San Antonio Weekend Pest Report

We know we’re a pest control company, but the Weekend Pest Report isn’t talking about those kinds of pests.  We’re talking about the ones that walk and talk in the human form.  The ones that look harmless, but give them more than 2 or 3 minutes to work their magic and they’ll fix any non-judgmental, preconceived notions you might have about them.

This past weekend’s pest report comes to us from San Antonio, Texas.

A man walks into a Taco Bell and orders 7 Beefy Crunch Burritos.  Upon payment the man realizes that the price of this particular item has increased from $.99 to $1.49 since his last visit.  Man becomes enraged.  An assault rifle, $3.50 and a tear gas bomb later, said man is under arrest for multiple accounts of attempted murder.

Note to Taco Bell: Don’t mess with Texas.  Note to man: Don’t mess with Taco Bell prices.

Read the AP article here.

San Antonio Branch Rounds Up Coats For Homeless

Members of our San Antonio office jumped on the Be Nice Express last month to help collect and distribute coats for the homeless. Lisa, a San Antonio local who heads up the Be Nice Express, rounds up donations in various forms and makes sure its all put to good use.

George, our trusty branch manager, was informed that the building where all the coats were being stored for this year’s coat drive was washed away in a severe storm. With only three weeks to go, George and the rest of his branch jumped into action and collected about 100 coats before the deadline. Coats were handed out by a local motorcycle club.

The Coolest Talking Tree in the World

How many of you out there have a twitter account? A facebook profile? Both?

I, Steve, Marketing Manager at Bulwark Exterminating, have had a facebook account for a few years now. In fact, I had one when it will still only limited to college students, before they opened it up to the general public. I don’t quite yet have 500 friends. A couple friends of mine have into the thousands. As far as twitter goes, I just got on a couple months ago. And just last week took my following into the triple digits. Legitimate followers. I try to delete all the spammy accounts.

Imagine if you had 9,400 facebook friends. What about 3,600 twitter followers. Those are pretty healthy numbers that most people would envy. But I’m not talking about people. I’m talking about….a tree.

A tree somewhere in a Belgian forest to be somewhat exact. Brussels to be a little more specific.

A team of social media scientists rigged a tree along the side of the road with a number of advanced climate sensors. That data is transmitted back to base, where it is interpreted, analyzed, and ultimately sent to the social blogosphere. The facebook and twitter updates are is if the tree is telling you what is going on around it, and how it feels.

EOS Talking Tree – Making of from Tom on Vimeo.

It’s thought from November 3rd: “Time to say goodbye to some of my leaves”

From Oct. 20th: “Me and my friends have had plenty of water to drink today –” The link is a picture of the rain clouds, and some water drops can be seen on the camera lens.

These same twitter updates can be found on the tree’s facebook page. And interestingly enough, each facebook updates comes with at least 100 “Likes” and 10-20 comments from its faithful followers. I think I can count on one hand how many of my facebook comments garner more than 10 comments.

I guess I don’t have anything near as interesting to say as a random tree in a Belgian forest, near Brussels.

Visit the tree at

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