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Bulwark Exterminating-San Antonio Receives Honor

Angie’s List Super Service Award Given to Bulwark’s San Antonio Branch

This just in from Angie’s List:

Bulwark Pest Control’s San Antonio, TX branch has been awarded the Super Service Award 2012. This prestigious award is given every year to the top five percent of companies that demonstrate superior customer service; based on the customer reviews that are received on Angie’s List.

Angie’s List is a customer review site that allows the consumer to give feedback on the products and services they receive from companies in several different industries; including pest control and exterminating. Essentially, the Angie’s List Super Service Award is voted on by consumers, with their positive feedback on a particular company; in this case Bulwark Exterminating.

Bulwark Exterminating is honored to receive this prestigious award, as it recognizes continual efforts toward outstanding customer service.

Customer Reviews From Bulwark Pest Control San Antonio

Here are just a couple of the many excellent customer reviews Bulwark Exterminating receives:

I know that Bulwark Pest Control will be here every two months so that I don’t have any bugs. If for some reason I happen to get bugs inside the house all I do is call them and at no extra charge they’ll come. They are very professional and are in uniforms.

Overall Grade: A

- MaryAnn U.
San Antonio, TX

I have been with them for five years. I have not seen any bugs since they began our service. If you do see a bug, they will come back and take care of if, free of charge. The overall experience is excellent. I would use this provider again.

Overall Grade: A

- John S.
San Antonio, TX

We use Bulwark Pest Control every month. We have been using them for a year but when we lived here before we have used them as well for about a year or so. They are excellent. They are the best pest company we have ever had. My parents used them and they suggested them so we tried them. They are definitely the best pest control company we have ever used. They don’t charge you anything extra if you have a problem or if you need them to come out in between visits. We will continue to use them in the future.

Overall Grade: A

- Ginger R.
San Antonio, TX

They are a good company. I like the fact that they have been flexible. I am really not comfortable with leaving my gates open, I lock my gates because I have animals and I don’t leave my animals out. I don’t want them to run to the neighborhood so I just began to lock my gates all the time so they have been flexible when I have needed them to be here. They worked with me and I appreciated that. They charge around $40 to $45 per service. We have scorpions here and it is an ongoing problem; we are in an area where they are still developing and so every time companies come out and start digging and doing all the stuff but scorpions move and that becomes an issue. I guess I am expecting the absolute top of the line service every time because that is such a problem. Sometimes they do a good job, but sometimes I wish it had been a little bit more because that is such an alarming issue. When you have scorpions, falling out of your vets in your house it tends to make you really uneasy. It would definitely scare you and that makes you very hyperactive reactive to the need for treatments and stuff like that. Sometimes trying to set a service when I am available is a challenge. From what I am aware of with other companies, you don’t really have someone coming out to do services like that so that is a reasonable price. The quality of work is good. I certainly think that they are a company worth trying. They give me a window of when they are going to be there. They don’t say, “We will be there at two, they say, “We will be there between 12 and 6” or something like that. If they say they are going to be in that time frame, they are there.

Overall Grade: A

- David L.
San Antonio, TX

Please feel free to log in to Angie’s List and read all of Bulwark Pest Control reviews for their San Antonio location:

San Antonio Exterminators

Bulwark Exterminating
118 Broadway Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 224-2706
Critter Control
1075 Grassland Drive
Bulverde, TX 78163
(830) 438-6108
10022 N Ih 35
San Antonio, TX 78233
(210) 656-5050

Another Happy Customer about Pest Control over Facebook

Jon Meckes

Thank you Andrew for responding within 20 minutes of the initial call. He was actually scheduled for tomorrow, but took this call today instead.

Visit Bulwark Pest Control’s Facebook Page to see more!

Pest Control San Antonio – Great Service!

Every wonder who is the best pest control service in San Antonio?

Well I am a little biased so I will defer this one to Sandra -

Great Service! – sandradlrs – Aug 8, 2009

For years I had a great company providing me with excellent service and unfortunately my two good friends are no longer with us. I was reluctant to go with a big company for fear that they would not care for my family like they did. But Bulwark changed my mind. Brian answered all of my questions explained all that he was going to do and put me at ease about the treatment. What I really appreciated was Brian’s effort to avoid making any noise while my 2 year old napped.That’s when I knew that we had made the right decision to go with Bulwark. Thanks again Brian

Thanks for putting it so well Sandra.  Bulwark is one San Antonio pest control company that is big enough to do it right but still small enough to care.  Bulwark is privately owned and family run, but even more it runs like a family.  From the owner to the technicians, as you have witnessed. And we know that its hard to determine who is the best pest control service in San Antonio, but we submit that Bulwark is among the best in San Antonio. We are sorry to hear of your recent loss. Thanks for choosing us as your replacement. Thanks for the great review! We will always do our best to be your new excellent exterminators.


Call Bulwark today and experience family pest control.

San Antonio, TX

17316 Bell North Dr
San Antonio, TX 78154

(210) 402-0492?

Pest Control Love Letter

THANKS Cody from Bulwark Pest Control?

Cody from bulwark pest control came and sprayed inside my house and outside my house. He was very nice and answered all my questions. He also ? More »

Cody from bulwark pest control came and sprayed inside my house and outside my house. He was very nice and answered all my questions. He also was able to do all the little extra stuff (like spray under my shed) that i asked him to do. My husband and I were very satisfied with our visit on 6-13-09. The manager George was very friendly and helpful to me too. The people at Bulwark are good people and they care about the their customers happiness and concerns. I am very happy that I went with Bulwark

Brandi – Jun 13, 2009

San Antonio Pest Control does it again!

Another 5 star review for Bulwark your San Antonio pest control professionals:

Fidel & Brit, Thank you. – kchermak13- Aug 15, 2009

My husband and I are beside ourselves with the experience that we had with Bulwark. From our initial phone call speaking to Brit. to the service that Fidel provided the very next day! Both team members were very informative. Fidel was not only professional but took extra time to educate myself and my husband on matters that didn’t pertain to pests. I felt very comfortable having him in our home and look forward to seeing him in two months! Thanks again for protecting us!

Kelly and Brandon McIlhenny

And its not just Fidel and Brit that are getting compliments this next 5 Star Pest Control Review goes to Zach

Wonderful Service from Zach! -Jonathan – Aug 4, 2009

We recently purchased our home and Bulwark serviced the previous owner. They sent us a great letter in regards to continuing the previous service. This enabled us to know what had been previously done to the house. So easy! To top off the great service, Zach came out and made a great impression. He was professional and helpful. We look forward to the next time Bulwark and Zach come to the house. Thank you for making good customer service so easy! With a newborn, kids, and dogs we need all the simplifying we can get!
The Stehlings.

Thank for the great reviews and as always we appreciate our techs as much as you do.  We like win-win-win relationships.  The customer wins because they get great service and a pest free home.  The tech wins because his work is appreciated by the customer and the owners.  The owners win because they get to pay their techs and keep food on their family’s table.  Everyone is happy!

When you want a quality pest control service in San Antonio just think of  Bulwark, the San Antonio exterminator with the most reviews and the highest reviews.

Quality Pest Products + Local Pest Control  San Antonio + Pest Control Service + green pest control = Bulwark Exterminators.

5 out of 5 Stars – San Antonio Pest Control

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 New Customer-and first time visit by Raul – deaconroy – Jul 8, 2009

Extremely pleased. A 5 star rating for sure. We due for service this evening but Raul called earlier to say that he would be free to come earlier, if that would be convenient. He said he would be here around noon. Well to our delight he was here by 11:15. What a professional impression Raul made on us. He looked sharp with his starched long sleeve while shirt and crease pressed pants. I showed him out trouble spot inside the house and with that he decided to start inside. So I gave him free run of the house and he was off covering the entire inside and outside of the house. When finished he explained in detail what he had done all of the follow-up services, if needed. We went outside and he showed me the area where he put down ant bait. My wife was really pleased when he told her that he did cover for roaches which hare one of her life long fears. I gave him the check and off her went to the next customer where I am sure he did an equally professional job. We are pleased and totally impressed with our first visit. Keep sending Raul besides being professional he has a pleasing approach and personality. I think he deserves a Friday off with pay. What do you think Boss?

Thanks for the great review.  Raul is a great tech and we are glad to have him.  About that Friday off with pay…. Not this Friday but he can use some his earned paid time off any Friday that he wants!  We compensate our employees based on their performance and reward them according to the time they have with Bulwark and the time they put in.  Paid time off is just one of the benefits that Raul can earn.  Don’t worry, we take care of the guys that take care of you!

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