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Ugliest Neighborhoods In San Antonio

It’s hard to admit when your neighborhood is ugly and chances are if you live in an ugly neighborhood you don’t even recognize it. That’s ok, that’s where we come in. We’re happy to point out some of the least desirable neighborhoods in the San Antonio area. We aren’t trying to be cruel, we are simply trying to help out those new to the area. There’s so much that is good about San Antonio and we would hate to lead newcomers to the bad. Whether you are new to San Antonio or a native, we recommend that you steer clear from these neighborhoods.

Prospect Hill

This neighborhood seems like it has a lot of potential due to the fact that it is so close to the heart of downtown. Located just west of downtown, Prospect Hill gets a failing grade for education and for crime. Crime rates in this neighborhood are high for the city and for the state. 780 people out of 100,000 experienced a violent crime in the last year. The only benefit you’ll get from living here is cheap rent but are the savings really worth it? We don’t think so.

Five Points

This is another area that you would think would be able to benefit from its proximity to downtown but that is not the case. Education in this neighborhood just north of downtown also gets a failing grade. The high school graduation rate is a mere 37%. Crime is bad here for both violent and non-violent crimes. The median household income here is $22,000, which means that there isn’t a lot of extra money for home improvements. All of the above will make for one of the ugliest neighborhoods in the city.

Greater Gardendale

We are noticing a trend here; neighborhoods west of downtown are areas that you just plain want to avoid. The Greater Gardendale neighborhood is no exception. Similar to the two other neighborhoods that have made our list, Greater Gardendale is full of old, abandoned houses that make for quite the eyesore. You will also find high crime rates and extremely low scores for education quality.

Jefferson Heights

Let’s head to the east side of downtown for this next neighborhood. Jefferson Heights is another spot with high crime rates and terrible education scores. 9,338 crimes were reported per 100,000 residents during the past year. Once again in this neighborhood you are going to find some cheap houses and some cheap rentals but if you don’t feel safe and don’t trust the schools, why bother?

The South Side

While it’s hard to rank the attractiveness of an entire section of a city, crime rates can help us out and in San Antonio it’s not looking good for the entire south side. This is where median household incomes are low and crime rates are high, need we say more?

There are other neighborhoods that are ugly in San Antonio just like there are probably neighborhoods located near the ones we mentioned that are perfectly safe and pretty to live in. All we can base our assessment off of are city facts that have been recorded and we happen to think that’s a pretty great way of determining where you should make your next home.

Austin Faux works for “We Buy Ugly Houses San Antonio.” When not out appraising homes Austin can be found helping his wife relax, and taking his kids to the park. Austin loves hiking, skiing, and playing piano concerto with his local orchestra.

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