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Happy Halloween From Your Friends At Bulwark Exterminating

Halloween is upon us. Soon enough we’ll have waves of ghosts, goblins and princess fairies crawling our streets. Your friends at Bulwark would like to remind you to have a very safe and happy Halloween. Be safe. Have fun. Eat lots of candy.

Take a moment to enjoy our new Halloween video. We certainly hope this won’t be happening at your house.

Bulwark Exterminating: Pest Control: Scorpions

After encounters with scorpions in their home, a family relays their fears about keeping their baby safe to Bulwark Exterminating. Fearful of their baby being stung, they turn to Bulwark Exterminating to provide the pest control services that their family needs.

How do Roaches get in your sink? Roach Control Video!

Watch as Adam the Roach guru explains how Roaches get in your sink! Roach Control Video!\

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