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San Antonio PCO in WSJ – Natural Pest Control

Bulwark Exterminating featured in Wall Street journal for offering an all natural pest control solution for you and your family. Bulwark Exterminating has introduced an all natural pest control service. It’s an eco-conscious pest control program for individual that want to be greener. Individuals requesting an all natural treatment will be serviced with products that are made with all natural active ingredients.

Your San Antonio pest control professionals at Bulwark Exterminating LLC are aware that you, the customer, can use natural products and do it yourself or hire green professionals like Bulwark pest control. Bulwark’s all green pest control methods work effectively in controlling household pest problems hitting the infestations at their source. Bulwark’s system includes methods such as in-wall treatments to that attack the pests where the pests live and not where the homeowner lives. Its like opting between a nuclear bomb to eliminate a specific target or a single deadly dart that will only target and exterminate the specific pest problem. Even when a products are marked natural they can still pose a risk. Too much table salt will kill you. Inhaling diatomaceous earth, an organic product made of potentially dangerous silica, is horrible for your lungs and can cause sever damage. With that said, a kitchen knife placed properly out of reach from a young one will never hurt that child. Conclusion, green pest control is product, placement, training, and accuracy.

Got Roaches? – Cockroaches, Texas waterbugs, roaches, German roaches, Amercian roaches,
… no matter what you call them we get rid of them. And we do it with a green pest control treatment.
Our Green Pest Control Service is extremely effective against a broad spectrum of insects.

Bulwark’s green solutions and Bulwark’s all natural solutions are based on synergistic blends of plant essential oils significantly enhance the insecticidal activity provides quick knockdown and extended control of a wide variety of insect pests. Bulwark provides residual protection through decimation of the insect population, breaking the insect’s life cycle, and repellency or by the “microencapsulation effect” with our green pest control line. There is no known pest resistance to our green botanical active ingredients. We feel an unprecedented margin of safety in our all natural pest products. Products that target neurotransmitter receptors only present in insects. Our green Botanical plant oils are regarded as “exempt” by the EPA. Many of these natural products compared to conventional pest product applications and treatments are comparable in effectiveness to conventional products and cost only slightly more. All of our are Green Products, and we offer all natural botanical products that are very family and pet friendly. We will use the Perfect Products for all your specific account needs. And that applies to all accounts, not just “Sensitive Accounts”. What makes our natural and green pest products even more unique are the “Mode-of-Action”. We use products that are Octopamine Blockers, so they can only block pathways found in insects.


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