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Ways To Get Rid Of Stinkbugs Without The Smell

stink bug

Nobody enjoys the pungent odor that stinkbugs make when you kill them. In fact, nobody likes stinkbugs, period! Unfortunately, stinkbugs are a fact of life if you’re a gardener. So, how can you rid your home and yard of these pesky critters without having to suffer through their rancid smell?

Fortunately, there are some methods for warding off stinkbugs that allows you to avoid the stench. Below we’ll discuss some tried and true methods for avoiding and killing stinkbugs – without the odor.

Seal Entries and Cracks 

You can prevent stinkbugs from entering your home by sealing up any entries and cracks, such as gaps in the siding, pipes, and crawlspaces.

Flush Them Down the Toilet

If you happen to stumble upon a random stinkbug (or two) in your home, simply pick it up with a tissue or toilet paper and fling it into the toilet. Stinkbugs are typically slow, making them easy to catch, so you won’t have to worry about a wild goose chase around your house if one happens to get in.

Death By Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol, more commonly known as rubbing alcohol, is a great way to kill stink bugs without creating any ungodly smells. Simply fill a jar with rubbing alcohol, catch the offending critter with a napkin, tissue, or toilet paper, and drop it in. The bug will be dead within seconds, and you won’t have to be reminded of it by any lingering odors.

Soap and Water 

Sometimes stinkbugs manage to get inside and try to feast on your houseplants. If you happen to discover any of these pests gorging themselves on your beloved houseplants, simply spray the plant’s leaves with a mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid and hot water. This will kill the bugs that are already on the plant, while discourage any others from trying to join in the banquet.

Vacuum with a Shop-vac 

If you happen to stumble upon any stinkbugs in your attic or crawl space, vacuum them up. However, don’t use your regular vacuum cleaner – it will stink for ages! Use a shop-vac that is easy to clean and can be stored out in the garage.

Use a Light Trap

Stinkbugs are attracted to light, so placing a light trap in your attic or crawl space will draw them in and trap them in a way that will prevent them from releasing any odors. Just be sure to empty the trap regularly and reposition it, relocating it occasionally.

Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are similar to fly paper, and will trap any stinkbug that happens to crawl across its path. The sweet scent of the sticky trap will draw the stinkbugs to it, so simply place it on windowsills or other areas where you notice stinkbug activity. Be sure to throw the sticky trap out and replace it with a fresh one frequently.

Stinkbugs are a nuisance, but if dealt with properly, can be easily overcome. If your stinkbug problem is really out of control, call a professional exterminator, such as pest control Sacramento.

Stacy is a freelance writer from California. She writes for the pest control Sacramento.

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