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5 Problems Fire Ants Cause Homeowners


One of the most problematic, destructive, and malicious, property pests that homeowners in the San Antonio, TX area battle; is the Red Imported Fire Ant. Here are five problems these ants cause:

1. Fire Ants Sting!

If you’ve ever been stung by an ant (not bitten), the culprit was a fire ant. They are the only stinging ant in Texas. These stings hurt. If you stumble across one of the fire ant’s notorious mounds, their bites may come in bunches. Once you experience the first bite, there may be dozens of other ants crawling up your legs—ready to sting!

After a victim has been stung by a fire ant, the sting site will feel like it’s on fire! The area will become red and eventually blister. An itchy rash may develop. If you have insect allergies you may begin to feel dizzy and vomit. If this is the case, seek medical attention.

2. Fire Ant Mounds Destroy Property

Fire Ants

Fire Ants (Photo credit: NatalieMaynor)

One of the biggest problems fire ants impose on homeowners is the destruction of property. Fire ants build huge mounds that burrow almost eight feet deep. These mounds destroy trees and plants, not to mention they are an eyesore—reaching up to three feet in diameter.

3. Fire Ants Damage Electrical Equipment

One of the most interesting and unique fire ant characteristics also makes these ants a menace to homeowners. Fire ants are drawn to electrical equipment. They crawl into electrical wiring and air conditioning units, causing them to short out.

4. Fire Ants Injure Pets

Fire ants play no favorites as to who they’ll sting. If they feel threatened, or are disturbed in any way, they will defend themselves by stinging and biting. Your pets are no exception. In fact, fire ants are drawn to the moisture of your pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Fire ant stings around the eyes can cause your pet to go blind. Stings in the nose or mouth can cause them to swell shut, suffocating your pet. Worst case scenario, although rare, is that your pet may die from an allergic reaction to the ant’s venom.

5. Fire Ants Inhibit Outdoor Lifestyle

If you have a fire ant colony in your backyard, it affects your desire to go outside and enjoy your property. No more backyard barbecues or picnics. No more running barefoot through your yard. If you enjoy lying in the grass and watching the clouds go by, forget about it. You will be stung!

San Antonio Fire Ant Extermination

Fire ants can be very challenging to control. Trying to take the job on yourself can actually make the problem worse. Using an aerosol pesticide on a fire ant mound will accelerate the immature queen’s breeding; meaning they will become mature and start new colonies of their own. It will also cause the ants to spread out across your property as they wait for the insecticide to dissipate.

Do not try to take on these nasty pests yourself, and don’t risk a painful sting. Get help controlling the fire ants near your home or property. Get professional ant control!

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