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OUCH! Texas Man Stung 300 Times by Africanized Bees

Killer Bee Swarm

Killer Bee Swarm (Photo credit: pinkgranite)

Imagine trying to move a cabinet when you are suddenly being swarmed by some 125,000 aggressive Africanized bees. That’s exactly what happened to a 40-year old warehouse worker form Pflugerville, Texas on Wednesday. During the attack the man was stung more then 300 times and had to be rushed to the hospital immediately.

Despite the excessive bee stings, the man is expected to make a full recovery. A local beekeeper safely removed the giant colony along with 120 pounds of honeycomb. Three other people were also stung, but were not seriously injured.

This recent Africanized bee attack is raising awareness that these bees are still a problem in Texas and other parts of the Southwest United States.

Africanized “Killer” Bees

  • Africanized bees, also know as “killer bees,” are a hybrid of honeybees from Europe and southern Africa.
  • The only way to distinguish Africanized bees from their European counterparts is through molecular analysis.
  • Africanized bees are ten times more likely to initiate an attack or sting then a common honeybee.
  • Africanized bees are more easily aggravated, swarm rapidly, attack in greater numbers, and follow their victims for longer distances.
  • Africanized bees are moving northward at a rate of 100-300 miles per year. They are now universal most of the state of Texas.
  • The following informative graphic illustrates Africanized bee migration through the United States. 

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Bee Problems?

If you notice any significant bee activity in or around your property, contact a professional immediately. Bee problems can be safely resolved by working with a local exterminator or bee removal specialist.

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