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Three-Step Roach Elimination Tips

Cockroaches are nocturnal and fast-breeding bugs that can easily adapt to any kind of environment. These bugs do not directly harm humans but they are known carriers of diseases and bacteria. For this reason, the very presence of roaches can put people at risk for various health problems and conditions.

With that said, cockroach infestation is not something you can ignore. You need to take the time to follow certain precautions to prevent them from infesting your property and to completely get rid of them. Although there are chemical pesticides that promise to kill these bugs successfully, you cannot be entirely sure that these products are safe and effective. Here are a few steps to help you prevent a full-blown roach infestation.


Step 1: Identify Whether You Have An Infestation

Generally, roaches have long elongated, brown-colored body that may or may not have wings, depending on their gender. They are usually medium-sized but in certain areas of the world, they can grow very large. These bugs are easily identified by their spiny legs, oval-shaped bodies, and long antennae.

These bugs love to dwell in warm, dark, and moist areas. They can also feed on anything they can find; thus, they can be found even in the most unhygienic places. If you want to look for these bugs, it is best to look for them at night. You can use a flashlight to avoid spooking them. The signs of infestation may include:

  • Live roaches
  • Dead bodies of roaches
  • Discarded shell casing- these are small exoskeletons that are dark-brown in color
  • Droppings- their excretions usually look like pepper and coffee grounds. Larger roaches may have cylindrical feces which may look like mice droppings only smaller.
  • Odor- these bugs generally emit pheromones that have a distinctive and powerful musty odor. If the infestation is very serious, the smell can get pretty bad as well.

Step 2: Locate Entry Places And Starve These Bugs

After identifying whether your home is infested with roaches, the next thing you can do is to find out where they enter your home. In doing so, you can seal off the possible entrances to prevent further infestation. To find possible entry places, you need to look for cracks or holes. They can also come into your home through your drains. You can seal off these entrances using fibrous materials or by caulking them.

The next thing you need to do is to deprive these bugs of their basic needs. The best deterrent against roaches is by eliminating food and water sources. To do so, you must keep your home clean and sanitary. Regularly sweep and vacuum indoors, and make sure you clean up after meals. You must also seal all your foods in tight plastic containers.

Step 3: Eradicate Existing Roaches

Once you determine that your home is infested with these bugs, you must immediately take action. Do not wait until the infestation grows out of hand. Remember that roaches are fast-breeding bugs; thus, you might suffer from a full-blown infestation if you do not take the necessary pest control solutions. Here are some natural roach control solutions which you can apply on your own:

  • Boric Acid Powder: This is one of the most effective solutions against pest infestation. You can sprinkle the powder in the entry places of roaches and in areas where roaches are commonly found, such as behind the refrigerator, pantry, cupboards, and kitchen sinks. This solution is toxic for roaches, but it can also be toxic for humans as well. For this reason, make sure to keep boric acid powder away from children and pets.
  • Baking Soda: This is a very effective solution against roaches. When these bugs ingest baking soda and then drink water, they will eventually burst. This is a tested solution to remove roaches from your household.
  • Roach Bait And Trap: You can use a slow working poison and mix it with food that attracts these bugs. When the bugs eat it or bring it to their nest, it can efficiently kill all the cockroaches. Be careful in using such techniques though, since it can have an adverse effect on children and pets when they accidentally ingest it.

You can also use traps to entice roaches and trap them using an adhesive. To create a roach trap, you can make a solution of soap and water. The soapy water will create a thin film on the roaches’ skin where they have breathing pores. In doing so, it will block their airway, causing the bugs to suffocate to death.

The author, Kris Lim, is a writer for home improvement websites where she offers tips and advice on how to make the home a more comfortable living environment. Her works have also been used by pest control companies, such as Rove Pest Control.

Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control

Dead american cockroach

Dead american cockroach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Cockroaches are one of the most infamous household pests in San Antonio, TX. They are always on the lookout for food and water and will invade our homes through small cracks and crevices.

Cockroaches are known for spreading diseases by transporting microbes on their bodies. Some of the diseases they can spread include: polio, typhoid fever, leprosy, and bubonic plaque. They have also been shown to cause allergic reactions in humans, and are linked to asthma. Other unpleasant side effects cockroaches can cause are food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, parasitic worms, and urinary track infections. In addition to all of those, cockroaches also carry over 40 different types of bacteria.

Because of all the different problems and diseases cockroaches can cause, you definitely do not want them in your home. So what are some of the most effective ways to kill cockroaches?

Methods of Killing Cockroaches

1. Manual smashing. Taking a shoe, book, or anything heavy, and applying it with great force on top of a cockroach will most certainly get the job done.

Pros: Quick knockdown, inexpensive, provides instant gratification

Cons: Time-consuming, messy, only works for a few bugs at a time

2. Boric acid. Spreading boric acid powder in cracks and crevices with boric acid has long been a common way to effectively kill a cockroach.

Pros: Highly effective, roaches never know it’s poison

Cons: Roaches won’t die for a day or two, worthless when wet, can be lethal to humans if ingested

3. Home insecticides. Sprays or powders, bought at hardware stores, and then applied to surfaces, cracks, and crevices have the ability to kill roaches.

Pros: Convenient, easy to use, kills fast

Cons: Cockroaches sense poisons to avoid, may develop a resistance

4. Cockroach eaters. Spiders, centipedes, emerald cockroach wasps, and lizards all eat cockroaches.

Pros: Highly effective, natural solution to cockroach problems

Cons: Depends on how much you like spiders, centipedes, wasps, and lizards

5. Cockroach bait traps. Cockroach baits contain a slow-acting insecticide incorporated into a food attractant typically concealed in a small plastic bait tray. Roaches locate and feed on the bait.

Pros: Easy to use, relatively inexpensive

Cons: Take weeks to work, less effective than other methods, traps can be unslightly

Professional Cockroach Control

Professional cockroach control. A competent pest control professional, that treats all aspects of your home and property, will come to your home regularly to eliminate these filthy pests and PREVENT cockroaches from ever entering your home.

Pros: Quite simply the best method to kill, and control cockroaches. For more on cockroach control, click here.

Cons: Some incompetent pest control professionals cannot always kill or prevent future cockroach infestations.

The most effective method of killing and controlling cockroach populations in and around your property is to hire a pest control professional. If you are frequently seeing numerous cockroaches in your home, forget the do-it-yourself methods and contact a cockroach control professional today! It’s just easier!

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