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How To Get Rid Of Nuisance Crickets

Imagine that your backyard is filled with hundreds of crickets that are chirping in the dead of night. Do you think that you’ll be able to get enough sleep? The repetitive noise that a single cricket makes is tolerable, and it can even be considered as quite enchanting since it is one of those nighttime sounds that call to mind quiet family picnics or barbeques. You might even prefer the sound over the clamor of city noises. But what if your backyard is filled with too many crickets that are all chirping at the same time? That can really be a huge nuisance. But getting irritated by the noise made by these insects is the least of your worries. If you love your garden or if you want to protect your home, you have to take measures to control the cricket population in your area.

Why Crickets are a Nuisance

- Crickets can be noisy.

As mentioned, a hundred or more crickets can create a raucous noise that could disturb your sleeping habits. A cricket problem can be a huge headache especially if you have a child or a baby at home who wakes up at the slightest sound.

- Crickets eat vegetation.

Crickets like to eat all sorts of ornamental plants. Your once lush landscape could die after the crickets have eaten most of your plants. You also need to prevent a cricket infestation if you have garden plants and fruit trees.

- Crickets can invade your home too.

Inside the home, crickets can also do a lot of damage because they also consume many types of textile and paper products. Crickets that have found their way inside your house can definitely cause damage to your furniture, clothes, as well as wallpaper and other fabrics.

How to Get Rid of Them

Before you consider a pest eradication method, you have to be aware that crickets are a vital part of the food cycle. These animals are an integral part of the ecosystem. Understanding their value to the environment will make you realize that you do not have to totally eradicate them. Instead, you can utilize pest control methods that will help in controlling their population. Below are a few suggestions.

1. Using insecticides

There are several forms of bug sprays that are readily available in the market. Most of these are easy to apply — just find your target and spray. But using a bug spray is best if you only see a cricket or two inside your home. When dealing with a serious infestation, ask for help from pest control experts. These people can apply stronger chemicals, such as cyfluthrin, propoxur and pyrethrins. Because these are more concentrated substances, exposure can also pose serious health risks.

2. Using traps and baits

You can create your own cricket bait with molasses, a bowl and some water. For more ideas about how to make a homemade cricket bait, do some research online. You can also use sticky traps to catch the bugs that have found their way into your home.

3. Preventing an infestation

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Cricket can be drawn to your property if your landscape or garden is not well-kept. These insects are attracted to moisture, mulch, dense vegetation, weeds and garbage. By eliminating the features that attract these bugs, you also reduce the possibility of a getting a bad infestation.

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How To Ensure Your Houseguests Have A Pest Free Christmas

San Antonio Christmas

San Antonio Christmas (Photo credit: Corey Leopold)

Christmas Pests

Christmas will be here in a matter of days. You have hung your Christmas lights, trimmed the tree, and ate a few too many Christmas cookies. You have made all the arrangements for your house-guests that will be staying with you for the holidays. Did you remember the pest control?

Christmas is a joyous day that can easily be sabotaged with unwanted visitors; and I’m not talking about your Uncle Mort. Pests like wolf spiders, house crickets, and silverfish can make your San Antonio Christmas a nightmare for you and your visiting house-guests. Fortunately, a San Antonio Exterminator can help.

San Antonio Pest Control

A pest control professional in San Antonio, TX can ensure you and your house-guests experience a pest free Christmas. While many pests have gone dormant for the winter months, San Antonio residents still experience problems with spiders and silverfish in particular. Pest control and Spider control treatment plans will ensure that the pests you do have will be eliminated; and that they will keep from ever returning. Guaranteed!

Sorry, we have no treatment options for unwanted house-guest pest like cousin Sal.

Merry Christmas From Pest Control San Antonio

All of us here at Pest Control San Antonio, and Bulwark Exterminating, would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. May your joyous holiday be filled with family, friends, loved ones, good food, and thoughtful gifts. May your holiday be pest free!

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