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Pest Control San Antonio

San Antonio is full of pests. Pests live outside but will try to infest the walls of your home. Pest control is needed to prevent any infestation from occurring, and it will also be needed if your home is already infested. San Antonio has so many pest control companies to choose from, so here are some ways to help you pick the best pest control company in the area:

Pest Control

Look For A San Antonio Pest Control Company That Uses A Power Sprayer 

When looking for pest control, make sure the company will come to your home and use a power sprayer. Most companies will only use a back pack sprayer, and that won’t give you the needed protection. A power sprayer will have the pressure to get under rocks, and also it is able to penetrate the soil around the foundation.  A power spray will also give you more product around the home.

Look For A San Antonio Pest Control Company That Uses Granules 

Outside the home, a good San Antonio pest control company will know that just a power spray will not kill the pests at the source. Most pests will live around your plants, where there is a good food and water source.  In order to control the pest by your home, the plants will need to be treated also. To treat the plants, a pest control company will need to granulate them around your home. As the water from drippers goes off, it will activate the granules. This will help the product seep down to where the pests are living and hiding.

Look For A San Antonio Pest Control Company That Does In-Wall Treatments 

On the inside of your home, most pests will live inside the walls. The pests will infest your walls because most companies won’t ever treat inside them. What a true and reputable pest control company will do is an in-wall treatment.  On an in wall treatment, a tech will place a product in side the walls. The product will help kill all the pests living inside the walls.

Look For A San Antonio Pest Control Company That Has Awesome Reviews 

When a good pest control company does a proper service the customer will be happy. Happy customers will leave good reviews about the company. When looking for a pest control company, check out the reviews online. Google, Yelp, and Family Owned Pest Control are all good places to look.

San Antonio Pest Control

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118 Broadway Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 224-2706   
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333 West Olmos Drive #123
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 607-0347
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1075 Grassland Drive
Bulverde, TX 78163
(830) 438-6108  

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