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Is Texas The Land Of Success?

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For the past decade, more and more people have been moving to the major cities of Texas. San Antonio, Houston, and Austin have all seen an influx of residents from all over the country. Even New Yorkers are deciding to call Texas home in greater numbers. What is it about the Lone Star State that makes it so attractive to people from the far-flung sections of the country? If even professionals from the tech and media bastions of the coasts are looking to call Texas home, there has to be some kind of lure that can’t be ignored. Are you thinking of changing your status from Brooklynite to San Antonian? Here are some of the reasons floating around in major publications as to why Texas has become the hot spot for people looking to relocate.

The Taxes are Lower 

Texas is one of those states with no state income tax.  That means if you are indeed relocating from a place like California or New York, you understand how big a deal that is. The coastal states have the highest state income taxes in the country. Saving another 12% (let’s just say) or so of your income could be life changing. That money could go towards car payments that you can now afford or you could spend a little more on rent every month. Whether you decide to spend it or save it, the reduced tax burden is probably very attractive to you.

Cost of Living is Lower 

Everything from the price of goods to housing is lower in Texas in comparison to the coastal states. So, let’s say you decide to relocate here; reputable San Antonio, TX  Dentists and lawyers aren’t the only ones that can afford to live in the nice houses in great neighborhoods. With relatively low home prices, you’ll be able to come in and find a great deal. If you’re interested in living in a hip, young city, Austin is perfect and cheaper than its counterparts (San Francisco, Brooklyn, etc.) If you’re moving to Texas and you’re already established in your career, you’ll find that your money will take you further.

It’s Exciting 

It’s never been more exciting to relocate to Texas. The state is practically changing before our very eyes. Demographics are shifting, industries are moving in, the economy is robust, and new faces are constantly appearing. Experts agree that being able to lure in a diverse, creative class of residents will determine how successful an economy will form. Texas is becoming more diverse and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Professionals from all over the country can call Texas home thanks to advancements in telecommuting. Now professionals can keep their jobs in New York (if they so choose) and benefit from the lower cost of living in Texas. Job growth has also been huge in Texas. Everything from food service to energy production has seen a huge boom in success and, therefore, is hiring. No matter what industry you’re in, Texas has become more attractive.

Who knows; San Antonio or Houston may be calling out to you. If you’re looking to relocate for more opportunities, then Texas may be just the place for you.

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